Russia Takes To Cyberspace in War Against Georgia

The ex Soviet republic of Georgia has accused its former ruler, Russia, of launching an all-out attack on the country's most important web properties including its government websites.

In a scenario that looks chillingly similar to the kind of attack that hit the Estonian government back in 2007, hackers have defaced the website of the Office of Georgia Foreign affairs replacing photos of the Georgian president as a Nazi.

Other critical online properties were hit by a barrage of compromised PCs which flooded their servers with request for services, essentially blocking legitimate user requests.

Back in June, Russian hackers hit at Internet websites of Latvian, Ukranian, Lithuanian and Estonian government institutions after they had in a way or another decided to move away from their Russian neighbour and closer to the West.

Computerworld has suggested that the infamous Russian Business Network (RBN) might be colluding with the Russian government in order to annihilate Georgian's presence online.

RBN is known to be behind a number of serious cyber criminal attacks in the past few years.