Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor, £149.99 delivered

Deeper dark tones and brighter light tones are achieved by the 8000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, creating lifelike images with precision and clarity. Images are displayed with an intensity that enhances both enjoyment and emotional engagement with movies, games, and pictures.

Superlative moving images are generated by the superfast response time of 2ms. Even in the fastest action sequences, images retain their purity and clarity. Blurring and trace effects are eliminated, allowing you to enjoy precise pictures at all times.

The DVI (Digital Visual Interface) enables you to enjoy HD contents displayed at full resolution and with immaculate image integrity. By supporting HDCP (High Definition Content Protection), it ensures that your viewing is both spectacular and secure.

The Energy Saving Function allows you to specify when the monitor should turn off, reducing energy consumption and extending the life of the monitor.

Easy key customization allows you to set custom key functions for MagicBright, MagicColour, Colour Effect, and Image Size for more intelligent, efficient use of your monitor.

Clear, correct images are always displayed on the widescreen due to the support of 4:3 image adjustment. This ensures that image distortion is eliminated and images are displayed in the correct size even on a widescreen.

Magic Wizard enables you to easily tune monitor resolution, image, color, and screen font, allowing you to customize your monitor with confidence.

This Samsung Monitor is on sale at for only £149.99 delivered.