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Video of Android Powered HTC Dream Appears on Youtube

A video has been posted on Google's owned Youtube which apparently shows the forthcoming HTC (High Tech Computer) Dream which has been pre-announced in November last year.

The 42 second video is quite blurry and appears to be out of focus, seemingly to avoid detection; it shows a white Dream prototype although the video poster says there will be a black version as well.

The device comes with an integrated keyboard and looks a bit like the Nokia's N92 except that the screen slides rather than opens up.

Worryingly, the half-finished prototype showed signs of sluggishness, particularly towards the end.

Other features that have yet to be confirmed include a time-sensitive touchscreen, two cameras, support for GSM, EDGE, Bluetooth, WiFi and HSDPA as well as haptic feedback.

Google has been particularly detail-shy with regards to Android and only a few select mobile developers have been given access to Android's SDK improvements, much to the chagrin of the rest.

Which is quite surprising given the fact that Android is supposed to be an open mobile platform. The Youtube video can be found here.

Last week, HTC’s Chief Financial Officer, Hui-ming Cheng, said that the Android-based phones would come in the last quarter of the year and it looks as if T-Mobile, HTC's prefered partner, will be the first one to grab one.

Below, Nokia's N92.

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