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AOL Report Shows UK Surfers Don't Care About Privacy

Despite our concern about privacy, we are unintentionally revealing our crucial details on the web, a nationwide survey of 1000 internet users, reported.

As many as 84 percent of Brits have claimed that they haven’t disclosed their income details online, but a recent survey from America Online (AOL), has revealed that 89 percent of UK residents have unknowingly divulged these details on the web.

34 percent of the respondents are wary about online frauds; however, only 11 percent of them have actually experienced such scam in their lives.

Jules Polonetsky, Chief Privacy Officer said, “Our research identified a significant gap between what people say and what they do when it comes to protecting sensitive information online.”

Now, AOL has itself taken the responsibility of educating people about safeguarding privacy on internet, and it has launched a focused campaign for the purpose.

Further, UK’s Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas, urged the internet providers to educate people about protecting their details online, and stated that the activity would help the companies in winning faith of their customers.

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