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Credit Crunch? Data Centres Aren't Feeling It

It appears that, once again, UK PLC is following in the footsteps of our cousins across the pond and suffering (albeit a little later than they did) a credit crunch.

There is talk of a full blown recession, but that remains just talk. So, what you may ask, has this to do with a data centre?

Data centres house the majority of the equipment that not only powers the internet, but also that hosts many of the commercial websites that we may visit to make a purchase.

They also host the equipment which is used to process our online payments and, they host the equipment that our banks use to store all of our account information.

These are just a few of the things that sit behind closed doors in the data centre.

So, to answer the question, ‘What has the credit crunch got to do with the data centre?’ The credit crunch is good news for the data centre.

Now that we’re all feeling the pinch in our pockets, with rocketing fuel prices, rising prices for food and utility prices set to go through the roof, we have less money to spend.

Since we have less money to spend, we need to ensure that we get good value for it. This is where the data centre comes in.

More of us will use the internet to shop around and get the best price for whatever it is we want to buy. Not just for luxury goods and holidays, but even for everyday items like groceries.

Brand loyalty generally goes out of the window when we’re all a little shorter on money.

We won’t just be shopping at one grocery online retailer; we’ll be comparing them all. We’ll see who is offering the cheapest delivery and what their minimum purchase price is to achieve it and we’ll make our choices on price rather than loyalty.

And it isn’t just our grocery shopping ... we’ll be shopping for clothes online, we’ll use price comparison sites to find the nearest and cheapest petrol station, we’ll use money advice websites ... the list goes on and on.

So, the fact is, the credit crunch will drive up the use of data centres because it will drive up our need to shop around. The credit crunch is good news for data centres!

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