Intel's Next Gen CPU Family to Be Renamed Core i7

Intel’s next generation of desktop processors, named ‘Nehalem’, will be known as “Core i7”, the company announced in its Monday conference.

In Intel’s terminology, this new microarchitecture is “tock”, which implies major changes in design from its already existing Penryn processors, comes under “tick”.

Although, the new chipset employs the same 45nm process, its design is varied from the Penryn series, as it includes two threads per core, known as Hyper Threading, an advanced cache subsystem, and an on-die memory controller.

The company has also announced that the first line of products carrying this brand is expected to ship in the final quarter of this year, starting with the “Extreme Edition”.

Sean Maloney, Executive VP and General Manager Intel, said in a statement, “The Core name is and will be our flagship PC processor brand going forward”.

Intel claims that the new microarchitecture will deliver improved performances to its users, mainly owing to Hyper Threading technology, and an integrated memory controller hub.

However, the company hasn’t declared specifications of the Core i7 yet.