Orange Pips T-Mobile To The Post On Blackberry Bold Release

France Telecom Owned Orange has managed to secure the UK release of Blackberry Bold, which many consider as one of the main competitors to Apple's iPhone, ahead of favourites T-Mobile.

Orange is expected to deliver the first batch of Bold on the 16th of August while T-mobile customers will have to wait at least for two weeks while Three users have to wait a further two months before they can get hold of it (ed: you can always have a look at the Nokia phones)

As for O2, well, they will sell it at some point although there is a definite push on their side to get iPhone into businesses. Vodafone has yet to announce a launch date. The Bold though is fully functional (and compatible) on both providers' networks.

The Bold will be available for free on a £45 per month business tariff, which matches O2's one.

The Inquirer however says that you will have to wait at least until the 21st of August to get hold of the Bold and it will come with unlimited data, to bring it in line with O2's iPhone.

Interestingly, Research in Motion has been particularly active with the launch of several new Blackberry products in the pipeline; all of which are aimed squarely at bringing down the iPhone.