Protect & Serve : Using The Datacentre to Avoid Server Disasters

From a simple power failure to a record flood or raging fire, server disasters can damage a business and halt the flow of important information crucial to company prosperity.

A company’s server often contains mission critical data and information vital to the day-to-day running of a business. As data can often be a company’s most important asset, whatever compromises its security also compromises the security of a business.

Server protection can often be ignored, despite the cost of ignorance being so high. With the price of downtime being so great, what can a business do to minimise these risks and protect valuable servers?

There are many elements that can put servers at risk of potential threats including fire, flood, theft and overheating.

These problems can be overcome by housing valuable servers in a datacentre. Low levels of activity, lack of flammable substances and fire retardant storage solutions can all be provided. What’s more many purpose built datacentre also combat flood issues by the location of facilities alone.

Security such as CCTV, 24 hour manned facilities and strict access regulations should be readily available at a good datacentre which minimises risk of theft. Back up generators should ensure servers stay up and running during a powercut nd large air conditioning units guard against overheating.

Whether it’s fire, flood, theft or overheating a datacentre can minimise the impact of disaster, reducing the risk of data loss and damage to equipment even in the event of power failure or natural disaster.

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