Russian hackers can't get Georgia off their mind

As the war in Georgia draws to a temporary cease-fire today, it seems that no-one has bothered to tell the Russkie hacking community, as the Georgian Foreign Ministry is reporting significant volumes of hacking IP traffic coming from Moscow.

Although reports are sketchy, it seems that Premier Putin's military hackers have been waging an electronic war whilst his army was busy bombing the cr*p out of innocent civilians.

In a statement issued earlier today, the Georgian Foreign Ministry said that a cyber warfare campaign by Russia "is seriously disrupting many Georgian Web sites, including that of the Foreign Affairs Ministry."

According to the New Zealand newswires, overnight (European time) attempts to access the Ministry's Web site resulted in an error message.

Over in Moscva, meanwhile, a Kremlin puppet^H^H^H^H^H^H spokesperson is said to have denied the accusation and said Russian Web sites had suffered similar attacks.

"On the contrary, a number of internet sites belonging to the Russian media and official organisations have fallen victim to concerted hacker attacks," the spokesperson said.

Expect this one to run - and run...