US ISPs admit to watching punters Big Brother-style

Interesting to read over on the Washington Post Web site that the furore over NebuAd, Phorm and other types of targeted advertising is just the tip of the iceberg.

It seems that some of the biggest ISPs in the US have admitted to a US Congressional sub-committee that they have been watching Internet customers and their behaviour for some time and, in many cases, to some depth in terms of what punters have been doing.

And no, this isn't anonymous pooled information. Several of the ISPs concerned have said they are using the data collected to send punters targeted advertising.

And all without the users' permission.

The Washington Post says that 25 responses were received to 33 enquiry letters sent out at the start of the month by the US Congress House Energy and Commerce Committee.

As in the UK, US privacy advocates want the government to set up guidelines for online tracking. As you might expect, the sub- committee's findings will add a lot of ammunition to their case.

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