90 Percent of Servers Virtualised by 2011 says Red Hat VP

Entreprise Open Source Darling, Red Hat, has unveiled more details about its forthcoming products and services in the Virtualisation segment and looks quite bullish about the future of Corporate Open Source.

In a long interview published by Computerworld, Red Hat's executive VP and head of its products and technologies divisions, Paul Cormier, said that Virtualisation will catch up quickly in the next 24 months with an estimated 90 percent of servers being virtualised by then compared to only 6 to 8 percent now.

He also highlighted the idea that Red Hat's view of virtualisation was less about server consolidation and more about what virtualisation can bring in terms of new features; using virtualisation as a cost cutting weapon is a false representation of what this technology can do.

Cormier called the technology, the next generation of operating system as it allows several heterogeneous operating systems to cohabit on the same hardware platform and seamlessly use the same hardware resources.

Ultimately, Virtualisation will enable the next step in the era of computing as cloud computing takes off which will not only make resource management easier but also reduce the cost of the operations, especially when coupled with Open Source technology.