Court injunction to silence MIT students misfires

I nearly laughed my socks off after reading that a group of MIT students - who were due to reveal all about the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority's smart card system inadequacies at last weekend's Defcon event - have seen their Powerpoint presentation posted to the Web as a matter of public record.

According to newswire reports, MIT students Zack Anderson, RJ Ryan and Alessandro Chiesa were scheduled to present their "Anatomy of a Subway Hack" over the weekend but lawyers blocked their trip to the stand with an injunction.

Unfortunately for the legal weebles at the transport company, in seeking an injunction, the trio's Powerpoint slides immediately became a matter of public record.

As a result, the data could be posted online for the public record - and it was.

Dan Kaminsky, the IT security guru, was quoted on ABC News as saying that independent security research is how the industry gets more secure networks.

"But because anyone can just say anything, the way we differentiate what's true from what's not is to actually show the details that can be independently verified," he said.

My, how we laughed...