Dell Latitude Refresh Spearheaded by 19-hour Battery Life Laptop

Dell has overhauled its popular Latitude range in a bid to fend off rivals like Apple or HP as it looks to consolidate its position as the biggest business laptop vendor.

The Austin-based company has unveiled a new site as well under the banner of Digital Nomads, where it extols the values of working remotely on laptops (preferably Dell's).

Dell has introduced a new E-series of laptops aimed at those who work continuously outside the office of which the E6400 appears to be the flagship; the laptop boasts an impressive 10-hours battery life thanks to a nine-cell battery.

This can almost be double by adding a second battery to the laptop, helping it remain almost two working day away from a power outlet; in addition, the new power adaptor will be able to charge other consumer devices like a digital camera without the laptop being left on.

The E6400 comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, up to 8GB RAM and 250GB storage, a discrete graphics card and will be available with Windows Vista and Windows XP licenses.

The 14.1-inch device will be avilable for around £570 in the US with UK prices almost certainly set to reach £600; furthermore, the manufacturer has decided to adopt more vibrant colours : out goes the grey chassis, in comes red and brushed aluminium finish.

Dell also says that it has developed some proprietary technology that helps its laptop components consume less power; for example, the screen's refresh rate decreases under certain conditions.

It is unknown whether these tweaks will be available elsewhere, in Dell's Vostro, XPS or Inspiron range.

Dell is also set to launch a new series of ultra portable laptops called the E4200 which weigh less than 1KG and come with a 12.1 inch LCD screen.