Internet Complements TV As UK Audience Spend One Day Per Week In front of Telly

As per a recent survey, Internet TV fails to affect the traditional TV viewing in UK, despite its much-touted popularity in past few years.

A survey conducted by TV marketing firm, Thinkbox, revealed that various broadband TV services, such as -, BBC’s iPlayer, Demand Five – failed to turn the traditional TV audience; furthermore, Brits watched broadcast TV for 3 hours and 46 minutes a day, for the first six months of the year, which is seven minutes more than a decade earlier.

A spokesman from Thinkbox said, “Both broadcast and internet TV platforms are growing simultaneously underlines how they fulfil different needs for viewers and that they can co-exist and indeed promote each other.”

In spite of huge popularity of broadband TVs, advertisers are finding it difficult to generate revenues from these platforms, whereas, broadcast TV have showed six percent more advertisements in the first half of the year, as against the same period of last year, the survey reported.