Scientists Envisage Robots' Golden Age In 75 Years' Time

Few weeks after introducing Heart Robot, UK scientists have purported that 75 years from now Robots will be taking the charge of controlling the society.

A leading Robotics professor from Sheffield University, Noel Sharkey, has made this declaration after an intense two months research on the influence of Robots in law enforcement in future.

Sharkey claimed that despite being manufactured from junk articles, like rusted land mowners, or trollies, his Robocop will have human-like feelings, and will be able to figure out the drunkards and detect weapons.

He also speculated that these Robocops will have huge built-in database of various details of the residents, including - bank account details, vehicle information, taxes, and criminal records, which helps them in quick identification of criminals.

Sharkey said in a statement, “The robots will not be super-intelligent, and will not be motivated to take over themselves, but those who control the robots will control society.”