Touchscreen Atila Is Motorola's Answer To Apple's iPhone

After its Alexander phone leaked on the interweb, another one just popped up with a moniker that's bound to Impress; Atila.

This touchscreen keyboard-less smartphone should come with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS and has been discovered by BoyGeniusReport.

The phone is squarely aimed at the iPhone and lookalikes (LG viewty, Nokia Tube, Samsung Tocco, HTC Touch) but it sill has a much smaller screen with a QVGA resolution.

Other specs include quadband compatibility, HSDPA/WiFi connectivity, a 1130mAh battery and what looks to be a Blackberry-like Pearl trackball.

It seems that Motorola is adopting names of great warriors and conquerors (certainly to instill fear in Apple Headquarters); so you can expect Genghis, Caesar and Napoleon phones to come at a later stage.

No details as to the price of the device and whether it will include a GPS and an autofocus-capable, flash-enabled multi-megapixel camera.