Virtualization Specialist Introduces Power Saving Features For CPU Servers

Virtual Iron has introduced its latest version of server virtualization platform, Virtual Iron 4.4, which is said to reduce the power consumption to a great extent.

Virtual Iron has integrated a new feature, named ‘LivePower’, into its latest version of the software, which helps in reducing costs, by optimizing the power consumption of CPU automatically; further, the software is also said to deliver environmental benefits across data centres.

Livepower checks the power usage by monitoring the resource utilization in the virtual data centres.

In case of excess CPU capacity, LivePower shifts the Virtual Machines on to the required physical machine, and shuts down the unnecessary ones, and when virtual machines load increases up to a certain limits, LivePower turns the unused physical machines back into action, the company claimed.

This feature is certainly not new to the market, as it has been already been appeared in the guise of Distributed Power Management (DPM) in VMware VirtualCenter 2.5 from VMware.

Virtual Iron has also become the first to provide support for Intel’s Dynamic Power Node Manager, and the application is expected to ship for USD799 per server socket.