Android & Xperia coming to market sooner than later

After the endless stories of delays, it appears (courtesy of TmoNews) that HTC may ship an Android handset to T-Mobile USA in September.

This goes hand in hand with a poor quality video on YouTube showing a working handset, and a slightly better one of an Android Dream live demo.

I’m not too convinced myself, but it would be nice to see a working pre release device.

More positive is the much delayed Xperia X1 will make its debut in October.

The hardware has been in operator testing for a while now, and the marketing briefings have begun.

Whilst it heralds a new start for Sony Ericsson’s professional range of handsets, it’s up against strong competition, particularly from HTC’s Touch Pro which is just entering the market.

iPhone 3G feature wish for the day

Having music streamed in the background whilst checking emails, and then returning to the same place within a 20 page open document is simple using S60 or Windows Mobile Pro, it’s impossible with the iPhone as the OS does not support multitasking of third party applications.

Apple’s notification service can’t get round this deficiency. Please allow true multitasking Apple.