First UK Microsoft Virtualisation User Group Crops up Ahead of New Product Launches

Microsoft has announced a number of Virtualisation-related products for the 8th of September and has concurrently given its accent to its first Virtualisation User group, hinting at more to come.

At a launch event called GetVirtualnow, senior Microsoft VP like Bob Muglia, SVP for Server and Tools Business or Bob Kelly, Corporate VP for Infrastructure Server Marketing will be discussing about new products and their experiences.

Products queued for the launch include Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V, Microsoft System Center including Virtual Machine Manager 2008 and Microsoft Desktop and Application Virtualisation.

September will also witness the first meeting of UK's first MVUG.

The group is based in the UK, near Victoria Station in London, and bears the name of Microsoft Virtualization User Group UK (or MVUG for short). Their first monthly meeting will be held on the 24th of September 2008.

Microsoft is also expected to relax its licensing policies on Virtual machines next month as Virtualisation adoption takes off.

For the past five years, reassigning a software license more than once every 90 days was considered to be a breach of contract, something that commonly happens with technologies such as VMware's Vmotion that allow virtual machines to be displaced without causing downtime.

The move, commentors say, will lift a well-known obstacle to the adoption of virtualisation and hopefully hasten its roll-out.