Fujitsu Siemens Debuts Ultimate Power Saving LCD Monitor

Fujitsu Siemens has introduced a brand new LCD monitor range that promises to cut down power consumption to Zero in power save mode and gets rid of the power button.

The Scenicview Premium Line Eco family integrate some proprietary features that allow the monitor to power down completely when not in use, which should save companies up to £6 per year per monitor.

The 20in P20W-5 ECO and the 22in P22W-5 ECO monitors will carry a hefty premium though with the smaller version costing around £330, roughly three times the price of an average 20-inch monitor.

They can both reach up to 1680x1050 pixel and come with a great 5ms response time plus a HDMI connector (ed: anyone intend to watch movies or play games on that?)

A 24-inch model and a 26-inch version will follow next month and it would be quite interesting if Fujitsu Siemens could license the technology to the rest of the industry.

So is it a good deal... Arguably no. The best solution to save money (and the environment) would be to switch off your computer altogether and buy a cheap monitor instead.

While the Zero-watt monitor is an interesting idea, it doesn't dismiss the fact that the energy consumed by always-on computers (and not the monitors) will negate any savings.