Mobile Broadband Usage Reaches New Heights

A new report by the body in charge of regulating the telecoms market, Ofcom, shows that Mobile broadband has been a phenomenal success with sales of the ubiquitous dongle reaching more than 133,000 in June this year.

The mobile broadband devices are increasingly being paired with laptops which have started to replace desktops in many households; 3G broadband modem have experienced a 18 percent percentage growth month on month since February 2008.

At this rate, around 300,000 will be sold in the month of December.

Ofcom data show that two million people now use mobile broadband, but not always on the move - nearly three quarters of broadband users actually use it at home.

Mobile broadband is particularly useful for students or young adults who do not to go through the prospects of having a tie-in contract or pay a hefty installation fee for their landline

BT currently charges £125 for a landline installation while an entry level broadband package at 3G provider Three costs as little as £60 annually.

Browsing the internet on a mobile phone is also becoming increasingly popular with almost 10 percent of mobile phone owners saying that they regularly browse the web on their small screens.

3G connections now account for 12.5 million subscribers, up from 7.8 million a year ago.