Social Networking Websites Register Massive Increase In Member Numbers

The popularity of social networking websites is soaring impressively during past couple of years.

Various Social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, etc, are significantly adding huge number of subscribers every passing year, a study from online metrics firm, ComScore, revealed.

These websites together added 25 percent members worldwide during past one year, whereas only nine percent of US residents have signed up to any new social networking website.

Middle East and Africa together registered a remarkable growth of 66 percent, and as many as 34 percent Europeans have added to the social networking websites in last one year.

Among the prominent websites, Facebook holds the top spot with 153 percent growth in past one year, and is continue to lead the segment since April 2008, followed by MySpace that has achieved only 3 percent year-over-year growth.

Citing the worldwide rising recognition of social networking sites, Jack Flanagan, Executive VP of ComScore said in a statement, “While the social networking trend first took off in North America, it is beginning to reach the point of maturity in the region”, but, it is growing rapidly in other parts of the world.