Triple Play Bundles Help Britons Save on Broadband, Telephony and TV

Another interesting nugget came out of the Ofcom Report published today, over the widespread adoption of Triple play bundles which bring together broadband, fixed telephony and television services on one bill.

These bundles have allowed prices to dip and encouraged more Britons to join the bandwagon; prices have fell by £4.31 since 2004 as the average household spends roughly GBP 94 on telecommunications bill (which also includes mobile phones).

32 percent of households now have bundles of three or more services from the same providers whereas 58 percent of UK families have broadband internet, a rate which is now slowing down and causing customers to switch providers more frequently.

The launch of new services like the popular iPlayer has also encouraged the growth of Video on Demand and caused the percentage of people watching TV online to grow from 8 percent to 17 percent in one year with the iPlayer recording a whopping 21 million video streams in May 2008.

Average internet speeds as well increased markedly reaching 5.9mbps by the 31st March 2008 up from 3.6mbps although previous data shows that the average UK internet user enjoys much lower speeds.