Infineon Chip Causing iPhone 3G To Drop Calls says report

A research report from Nomura indicated the possibility of an Infineon chip being at the heart of the complaints related to Apple new iPhone 3G.

The new iPhone has been plagued by issues related to drop calls and UMTS connection problems with most of the complaints originating from dense urban areas.

Many users have mentioned about inconsistent internet speeds on their iPhone which tends to switch back to slower networks even in 3G areas.

Infineon has refused to comment on the issue however it has mentioned that its chips haven’t experienced similar problems in other handsets including those made by Samsung.

Richard Windsor an Analyst with Nomura wrote in a report that the 3G Cellular chip made by Infineon is likely to be the cause with flawed software on the chip preventing the iPhone to effortlessly switch between 3G and lower speed networks.

Incidentally Businessweek has reported that Apple may attempt to solve the problem through a software upgrade in near future.

Though these complaints may hurt Apple, no long term damage to it reputation is expected as major handset makers including likes of Nokia had earlier experienced issues while 3G networks were initially rolled out in Europe.