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Microsoft to Reveal More Windows 7 Details in October, launches Blog

Microsoft will give developers a rare insight inside Windows Seven, the eagerly awaited successor to Vista, as early as next October at the Professional Developers Conference and the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference.

Interestingly, the first Vista Community Technology Preview was released at the same Microsoft PDC back in October 2005.

Windows 7 is expected to be available in shops by January 2010 but Microsoft has yet to disclose further information on Windows 7 to avoid repeating the mistakes it did with Windows Vista.

Prior to Vista's launch, Microsoft over promised and underdelivered on a number of critical features like the WinFS file system.

In a blog called Engineering Windows 7, two senior engineering managers, Jon DeVaan and Steven Sinofsky, promised that they would provide more information about Windows 7 but, since this is about "engineering Windows 7", expect a more technical slant to it.

Intriguingly, it gives a rather interesting a new insight about the new mindset in Redmond; the first post is particularly frank, "We know we’ll misspeak or what we say will be heard differently than we intended. We’re not worried. All we ask is that we have a dialog based on mutual respect and the shared goal of making a great release of Windows 7."

Microsoft has been keen to downplay Windows 7 as it looks to replace Windows XP by Vista but it looks more and more certain that 7 will be what Vista should have been in the first place.

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