Ofcom delays 2.6GHz Spectrum Action Again

UK’s telecom regulatory authority, The Office of Communications (Ofcom), has further delayed the much awaited auction of 2.6 GHz spectrum, which was scheduled to take place in October this year.

These delays have reportedly been caused by legal challenges from the prominent mobile operators like O2 and T-Mobile, who don’t appear to be satisfied from the auction process.

Initially, the band was supposed to be auctioned in July, but it was opposed as the operators wanted clear-cut plans for reforming the existing 900-MHz band.

Apparently, both the operators are looking forward to introduce W-CDMA services on the existing band, and mentioned the need to know about the future of the existing band, in order to assess the true value of the 2.6 GHz spectrum.

Currently the 900MHz band has been licensed only for 2G services but operators, who already own a block of it, intend to use other technologies on it like 3G.

In a statement Ofcom said, “Litigation is currently ongoing and we continue to press for it to be progressed as expeditiously as possible.”