Antivirus XP 2008 causes more than a few problems

I was interested to read over on The Register that Globalsign has revoked the digital certificate of the Web site selling Antivirus XP 2008, as reports are coming in that the IT security software is allegedly being sold using underhand methods.

As El Reg reports, the software is billed by some people as a counterfeit anti-spyware application - presumably because it seems to use a pop-up to sell itself!

According to a report on the US newswires, one PC owner was unable to get rid of the IT security sales pop-up until he punched in his card details and was charged $109.85.

One newswire said that "the Internet is full of angry postings from other people who have been forced to hand over their money by the spyware program."

David Setzer, a director of, the US email security specialist, said that the software is not an anti-virus package.

"What it is is a program that installs on your computer to tell you it as a virus, but the virus it actually itself," he explained.

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