Another 45,000 People's Personal Details Get Lost by Ministry of Justice

Another week, another embarrassment for the British Government. This time around, the Ministry of Justice is the culprit with details of 45,000 people being misplaced in nine separate incidents.

In one particularly troubling incident, a file containing the names, addresses and bank details of 27,000 people working for suppliers to the MoJ went AWOL while in other cases, files with date of birth, criminal records and complete job application details were lost when a laptop was mislaid.

In another instance, an improperly protected laptop with names, date of birth, National Insurance (for nearly 3000 of those) and offences details for 14,000 fine defaulters went missing, which meant a loss of revenue for the Ministry of Justice.

Ministry of Justice did not contact the majority of those affected by the data loss as it is normally the case according to some sources.

These latest events add to the misery the government has endured since last November when two CDROMs containing details of 25 millions child benefit claimants were lost.