Google's Android All Set For October Launch Amidst FUD

HTC and T-Mobile will, together, launch the first Google Android Phone, codenamed Dream, in two months' time as the phone will be rolled out worldwide in countries where Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Mobile has a foothold, serving more than 100 million customers.

The phone, which will be one of the fiercest iPhone rival, will also compete with the likes of HTC's own phone as well as smartphones from Microsoft partners, Palm, Nokia and RIM and may be on sale for as little as USD 150 for a limited time.

HTC's Dream debut could also see the launch of a rival to Apple's App Store which could possibly be backed by Google and rolled out to other platforms excluding Apple's iPhone.

Not much details are available and it is certainly hurting Google as FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) creeps in; already, sources are describing the phone as bulky and heavy while others are saying that Android developers have been angered by the Microsoft-like behaviour of Google by apparently "restricting access to key development tools and allegedly treading on open source principles".

November 2008 will mark the first birthday of Google's Android.