"Leaked" Details of Windows-based Palm's Treo Pro Appear On The Internet

Tasty bits of the Treo 850 were briefly flashed on Palm's website before they were swiftly "removed" (ed : I doubt that's accidental though) although this did not prevent the whole thing from being broadcasted worldwide.

The new Treo, formerly known as the Treo 850, comes with Windows Mobile instead of Palm's proprietary stuff and looks way thinner than previous generation models, which is why, some are already saying that it could possibly be the best Treo Ever.

The device has a full size 3.5mm jack for traditional headphones, Wi-Fi and a 2.4-inch 320x320 square touchscreen in addition to the QWERTY keyboard as well.

Other features include a 400MHz CPU, 100MB RAM, a 2-megapixel camera, a microSD memory card slot and a microUSB port for wired connectivity.

There's no release dates but although, the smartphone looks great, it will have a very, very hard time against soon-to-be announced Android smartphones and Apple's already conquering 3G iPhone.

Add to that the resurgence of RIM's forthcoming Blackberries (which seem to be all over the place) and it looks like Palm is, like Motorola, looking at a make or break year in 2009.