Metropolitan Police Publishes Online Crime Maps With Home Office Blessings

The Scotland Yard has published clickable maps on its website that contain statistical information on crimes related to a particular area.

These maps contain detailed information on reported crimes ranging from muggings, car crimes, burglaries and even crime rates per thousand of population.

These maps can be searched further by postcodes and will also contain graphs that display crime trends and monthly comparisons.

The Home Office believes that these maps are expected to provide residents with a true picture of the state of their neighborhoods.

Though this initiative has been supported by many, critics argue that these maps can cause considerable damage to reputation of neighborhoods that have been affected by crime.

They argue that real estate prices may be affected and even schools situated in crime prone areas may find it difficult to attract students.

Incidentally such maps are already available in the US with many police departments displaying information drilled down to the house level.

The software is currently in the testing phase and authorities look forward to feedback from the public.