Smart phone or feature phone? What ya think?

Canalys has just released their latest smart phone research for Q2 2008. With a substantial 28% rise in shipments to Europe, Middle East and Africa over the equivalent 2007 quarter, the manufacturers must be doing something right.

Though it seems some are better than others. RIM, HTC, Motorola (strangely) and Samsung made huge improvements in sales volumes over 2007.

Yet growth is slowing, which could be due to the credit crunch or the rise of feature phones. Until recently few, if any, feature phones had GPS let alone WiFi.

Yet this looks to be changing with launches from both Samsung and Sony Ericsson due to hit the Christmas market, with feature sets that shame most smart phones.

iPhone 3G feature wish for the day

To switch between the inbox of two email accounts takes four screen touches. Could there not be a drop down list of inboxes instead of just the go-back button?