Sun Decides To Opensource Java Mobile Toolkit For Developers

Sun Microsystems has released the source code for the Lightweight UI Toolkit (LWUIT) in a move aimed at reducing the difficulties developers were experiencing in creating user interfaces on Java ME enabled devices.

The LWUIT was released under the GPLv2 license with Classpath Exception.

Java ME is among the most widely used mobile application platform but developers still experience difficulties while developing programs due to the differences like fonts, layouts, menus, etc in case of multiple devices.

LWUIT is inspired by the Swing toolkit and comprises of great set of graphical components with support features for fonts, animations, themes, touchscreen along with internationalization and localization features.

In a statement Terrence Bar a technologist with Sun mentioned “It's been three months since JavaOne and the success of LWUIT has surpassed our wildest expectations”.

Java has always been a formidable force in the mobile market owing to its cross platform capability and application portability which made it favourite with handset manufacturers.

Incidentally Sun has launched an incubator project aimed at developers interested in working on the LWUIT code.