Japanese iPod Nano Overheating Reports : Apple having a really bad day?

It could just be a matter of sheer unfortunate, but a few hours after Sony announced a new range aimed at competing with the Apple iPod Nano, reports come from Tokyo that the iPod Nano might catch fire a bit too easily.

There has already been three cases of nearby combustible material catching fire due to overheating Nanos releasing sparks.

This resulted in the devices' destruction; two models are under investigation, the MA099 and the MA005, sold between September 2005 and September 2006.

No one was injured in the separate incidents but the public has been told to be cautious.

Accordiong to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hiroyuki Yoshitsune, the lithium-ion battery might be the incriminated component as it was the case in a previous incident in March.

Defects in Lithium Ion battery have caused a number of incidents (and even explosions) in the past year with Apple having to recall thousands of Sony-made batteries while Dell recalled millions of laptop batteries back in 2006.