Olympics Committee wants help from Piratebay.org

I was mildly amused this afternoon to hear that the IOC (International Olympics Committee) is looking to the Pirate Bay to help it eradicate BitTorrent indexes that show clips from the Beijing Olympics.

According to newswire reports, the IOC has approached the Swedish government for "assistance" in stopping the Pirate Bay site from distributing copyrighted material from the opening ceremony of the Beijing Games.

Pirate Bay, as you might imagine, uses several Swedish-based servers.

Justice Minister Beatrice Ask has been quoted as saying that, whilst she understood the IOC's reaction, there were "slim chances" of tackling the issue.

As has - I think - been mentioned many times in the past, Pirate Bay backers have said the site is a non-profit group and does not store copyrighted material but only offers a search engine service for users who exchange music, films and computer games.

So now you know...