Online and Mobile Phone Are Vital for Shopping Says BT Survey

A new research survey undertaken by British Telecom (BT) has revealed that Brits are increasingly using their mobile phones to survey goods and services.

The survey also indicated that increasingly people are referring to product reviews and engage in price comparisons from their mobiles phones.

The research which was incidentally carried out amongst BT's Broadband Anywhere ToGo users revealed interesting facts that indicate a rising number of customers turning online to secure a better bargain.

The survey revealed that one in every three user actually checked the price of a product or went looking for a review while one in every five ended up making an online purchase in the last three months.

The survey holds interesting thoughts for retailers who need to tailor for changing consumer expectations and indicated that retailers who have not yet developed mobile versions of their sites can lose out on consumer sales.

The survey also reflected on features of mobile websites that consumers prefer with easy navigation, quick loading and specifically designed websites for mobiles coming up a key points.