Police Warns About Chip and Pin Shortcomings While More Scam Suspects Arrested

A detailed investigation into the Chip and Pin payment system in UK has been initiated by the Police with the aim to rectify security flaws.

The news comes in the backdrop of the arrest of the third suspect in the Chip and Pin crime probe.

The third suspect is believed to be the brains behind the scam which involved transmitting of customer PINs as they were fed into the compromised terminals.

The Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit of UK had previously arrested two people while unearthing a counterfeit card manufacturing unit near Birmingham and had also confiscated a number of stolen chip and PIN terminals and other related materials.

Initial investigations had revealed that fraudsters were able to go around the anti tampering features at Chip and Pin terminals by placing miniature instruments which could remotely transmit the data to them.

Police have advised retailers across the country to check their desktop PIN pads as a precautionary measure though they are yet to provide any exact advice to retailers on how to avoid the scam.

It is estimated that the initiative to secure the systems may take months.