Three launches Skypephone Mark 2, Free on £15 Contract

Though not intended as a business phone, Three’s Skypephone S2 has some serious small business features.

Priced at only £80 with a 3.2Mpx camera, memory card slot, QVGA screen, and HSDPA, this handset is inexpensive. On top of this it can also be used as a USB HSDPA modem vastly increasing its usefulness to laptop users, and with unlimited browsing at £2.50 a week.

Many small businesses will use the Skypephone for its free call facility, especially useful if part of their business is based abroad, and effectively unlocking them from being in front of a PC all day.

So if you want a good quality reasonably priced handset, with great calling abilities, take a look at the new Skypephone 2.

The phone is available exclusively on Three network and is available on a 18-months contract for only £15, a far cry from the iPhone... Pity both phones do not have any flash for their cameras.

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