5 Ways The New Skypephone S2 Could Make A Big Difference

Three's new Skypephone S2 has just made it off the shelves and the mere fact that it is being launched less than a year after the first model is a testament to the popularity and versatility of the product.

The Skypephone S2 is a massive improvement on the "old" one and is bound to meet the same success than its predecessor and here's 5 excellent factors that could influence the life of its prospective users.

(a) Mobile Skype will change the way you communicate. With 4000 monthly Skype minutes and 10,000 texts, the Ebay-owned VoIP service will help you slash your outgoing mobile bill and remain within your monthly budget.

(b) It will help you cut your international phone bills since you can use the Skype service almost anywhere you want without forking anything more than your monthly contract fee.

(c) Surf the net for less; Granted it is not the iPhone, but Three has an attractive addon internet package available for a fiver extra which will allow you to browse the net for a mere £20 all inclusive. Even if you don't take that package, you will still be able to access Ebay and MSN Messenger.

(d) Use the S2 as a USB Broadband Dongle. The Skypephone can double up as a USB Modem and comes with pre-loaded HSDPA 3.6 modem. This means that you can plug your phone in your laptop and that's it. Obviously, you would still need to remain in the 1GB monthly data transfer range but you can get "unlimited" browsing for only £2.50 per week.

(e) The S2 is also available on a PAYG package for £80 and needs only £10 topup each month, ideal if you intend to use Skype as your main mode of communication.

Overall, the S2 is a fantastic device that currently has a unique advantage compared to all other packages on the market and Three has been quick to capitalise on this.

Most importantly, it is a living proof that something free can indeed be used to generate profits (even in they are small).

As for the S3 version, one can expect a better camera, slightly larger (touch) screen, more memory, embedded flash (for once) and perhaps a different format, perhaps with a sliding keyboard.