Apple Pushes iPhone Firmware v2.0.2 Out Finally

Apple has released a software update version 2.0.2 for iPhone and iPhone 3G which it mentions is aimed at fixing bugs.

However Apple has refrained from disclosing the contents of the firmware causing frustration amongst iPhone 3G users who are experiencing UMTS connection issues.

Initial reports indicate that users who have been experiencing issues related to drop calls and connection problems in their iPhone 3G, mention no improvements after updating to the new firmware.

Since the launch of iPhone 3G, many users have reported problems related to UMTS access and poor reception with a significant number of these complains originating from dense urban areas.

There were indication that these issues were related to the Infineon chips used in the iPhone 3G and it was expected that Apple would try to rectify the issue with a software update.

The “MacRumours” portal had also quoted an email from Apple CEO Steve Jobs to a user which acknowledged that bugs affect nearly 2 percent of iPhones shipped and mentioned that Apple is working on a software update to resolve the issue.

Though the new software update does not seem to do much with UMTS hassles, users do mention that it has made a noticeable improvement in the speed of several applications including the Address Book.