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Archos Pits Latest Wireless 3G PMPs Against Apple's iTouch

French-based Archos has just released two new media players that should really give Apple's iTouch a run for its money; the Archos 5 and Archos 7 both have something the iTouch doesn't: huge screens with almost no bezel.

The numbers five and seven actually indicate the approximate size of the device's touch displays, 4.8-inch and 7-inch respectively and come complete with hard disk capacity ranging from 60GB to 320GB and powered by a ARM Cortex CPU (ed : is that a PMP or a PDA?)

But that's not all, Archos managed to cram in both WiFi and 3G connectivity (but only on the 5G version it seems) which means that you should be able to access content on the move. That's made possible thanks to the bundled browser.

Throw in HDMI output and support for HD content and you have the (almost) ultimate viewing machine. The only things that might put you off is the rather high price tag, starting at £280 for the entry level model all the way up to £440 for the 320GB Archos 7 and that's not including the usual raft of accessories that Archos is famous for (including the docking station and that nice little GPS).

Some Models will be available for sale as from September with the higher end coming in October.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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