Crims steal card info at 15 Louisiana restaurants

According to the Associated Press, no less than 15 restaurants in the Baton Rouge area of Louisiana have been hit by crims stealing tens of thousands of card details.

The hacking scam is reported to have cost the banks around a million dollars, with the restaurants hit being none the wiser as to how it was done.

The restaurants began reporting the card thefts beginning in March in Baton Rouge, followed by similar cases in Flowood, Mississippi., Lafayette, Lake Charles and West Monroe.

Police say that the cases appear connected and probably involve a criminal network that stretches overseas, which would be consistent with other identity theft cases.

The Associated Press says that around 100 restaurant owners from across Louisiana were in Baton Rouge earlier this week for meetings with Secret Service agents and representatives from VISA, learning more about how to protect their business from hackers.

Hmmm - wireless hacking anyone?