Power saving is environmental good news in data centres!

As UK PLC plunges yet further into the credit crunch, the good news is sometimes difficult to find.

Inflation at over 4%, rising fuelprices, rising electricity prices, interest rates stuck at 5% with a possibility of them going up rather than down.

One might well be forgiven for asking how there is any good news! Data centres use huge amounts of power.

Talk of power in the world of data centres is never in Watts, rarely in Kilowatts and quite often in Megawatts.

So, consider this – one Megawatt of power at today's rate of around 9 pence per Kilowatt hour will cost around £788,400 per year in electricity costs.

If the cost of power rises by a mere 20% (the lower end of the predicted rises) then this cost will rise to £946,080 per year, a rise of £157,680.

Many commercial data centres have historically included power in their rental costs.

Not so, those that are issuing new agreements today, but many have contracts that go back several years and back then power costs weren't really considered as a factor.

This is bad news for the colocation centres and hosting companies.

So, for those data centres that are experiencing such large increases in their power costs, and it isn't just the commercial operators but also some larger corporate data centres, there is a problem.

So, what can be done? They can't just start switching things off, that isn't an option. They can't cut the amount of power they consume ... or can they?

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