Sky HD Adds Seven New HD Channels, Prepares For Freesat Onslaught

Sky has bolstered its HD offerings ahead of a full frontal assault by ITV/BBC's Freesat; the subscription-based satellite company will be adding seven new HD channels in October to bring the number to 26.

The mix will include genre-themed Sky Movies channel and will be watchable by more than 500,000 HD equipped homes across UK. And Sky has already given clues that it will be looking to bring that number nearer to 30 by te end of the year with the amount of HD-quality content on its channels increasing to 10,000 hours per month.

BSkyB launched it first HD channels in May 2006 and is capitalising on the park of 12 million or so HD ready TVs currently in the UK; the recently announced cuts in Sky HD's pricing could help spread out the HD mantra even quicker.

But it won't be alone in doing so as ITV and BBC (and possibly others later) are working together to push the alternative Freesat service which as its name implies will be subscription free.