Toshiba Revamps Tecra Range With Centrino 2 Equipped A10 and M10 Laptops

Toshiba has introduced two new laptops in its Tecra range which are tailored to cater to high end business use and promises holistic security as their hallmark.

The newly launched A10 and M10, both featuring Intel's Centrino 2 technology, come loaded with a bunch of security measures which include finger print recognition, hardware based filtering and Toshiba’s proprietary EasyGuard technology.

Incidentally Toshiba also mentions that it offers “a hardware-based 'switch' that can disconnect the network data path or set a rate limit to contain threats more quickly”.

Furthermore it includes advanced password tools and also boasts of a shock protection chassis to save the system from hardware damage.

The Tecra A10 which sports a 15 inch display is available with a choice of Intel Core 2 Duo processors in the range of 2.53GHz to 1.8GHz and has a weight of 2.8Kg.

The M10 while sporting a 14 inch display and 250GB hard disk is much lighter at 2.4Kg and it also gives a choice of processors.

Both these new laptops which are shipped with Windows Vista Business are expected to appeal to security conscious and performance oriented business customers.