UK Airports To Introduce Face Recognition Devices

The UK Border Agency is set to roll-out face recognition solutions as part of the e-borders programme, across the UK if the six-month trial at Manchester Airport, which involves 11 machines, is conclusive.

Thousands of people have already been subjected to the test which is also being promoted as a way to cut down waiting time in terminals with screening times down by almost 40 percent compared to the usual manual method.

The system works by analysing and comparing a picture of the passport order with the digital copy present in their official document to confirm their genuine identities.

Obviously, this overlooks the fact that passports can be easily falsified and that facial recognition technology is never 100 percent fail safe.

The John Lennon Airport in Liverpool will also be fitted with the new system which will hopefully help cut down on the number of illegal immigrants coming through UK borders.

The system has allegedly managed to catch 2000 criminals from 50 million passengers it screened and prompted Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to say “The e-Borders system will allow us to count all foreign nationals in and count them out again."