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Document Management : Understand the key drivers behind the trend

There has been a prolific growth of unstructured information (85%unstructured, 15% structured) and along with it a burgeoning requirement for compliance and regulatory conformance.

Unstructured data has much larger storage demands than structured data, so the advent of much cheaper on-line mass storage options in the form of a hierarchy of cost and performance mediums has lifted the hesitancy of the cost benefit of capturing and storing the full spectrum of unstructured data.

The devices for capturing unstructured data have more than quadrupled in performance and more than halved in price giving at least a ten fold benefit in price and performance.

Communication infrastructure costs and performance levels have improved significantly, meaning distributed solutions are now economically viable, which in turn provides for low cost production


In addition, solutions are beginning to move from departmental to the enterprise wide level now that scalability and consistent performance can be achieved economically for the majority and not the minority of businesses.

Capturing unstructured data is only part of the answer; using business process automation to release the benefits of the stored information (opens in new tab) amongst user communities and host systems, distributed or centralised, has been and will continue to be the real driver of the efficient and effective business.

Oceanus is a systems integrator and customer management specialist; providing comprehensive document and case management solutions for customer acquisition and customer service environments in Consumer Finance, Telco's and Utility companies.