Microsoft To Announce Details Of Windows 7 In October

Despite Microsoft’s claims of Vista’s success, the operating system apparently didn’t get the much deserved acceptance from the market, and thus the company’s concerns over its new launch, Windows 7, is quite understandable.

The Windows 7 developers will show-off their efforts in October in the two conferences namely - Professional Developers Conference and Windows hardware Engineering Conference.

The company has released the details through its blogs, written by the senior members of the Windows team, Jon DeVaan and Steven Sinofsky, who promised the readers to provide the latest information about Vista’s successor regularly.

As of now, information about Windows 7 is insufficient, and this is because the company didn’t want to talk about features that may fail to appear in the final product, the team said.

The blog read that as many as 2000 developers are working on this project, and Microsoft has employed one manager on four developers, which itself shows the significance of the project for the company.