Microsoft Employs Intent Based Search To Challenge Google’s Dominance

Microsoft is trying every possible method to allow its search business to get some breathing space in an intensely challenging market and in the same quest, the software giant is said to employ intent based search method for its users, which will provide more comprehensive and user-oriented search results.

Addressing the Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo Keynote 2008, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella stated the need for understanding the user intent to offer improved search results to them.

Around half of the searchers spend an average 30 minutes on Microsoft’s website in searching for any particular object, and this is the area where Microsoft sees chances of improvement, Nadella added.

The company now thoroughly analyses the search patterns of a specific user, and offer more relevant results based on the analysis.

Microsoft has recently acquired Powerset, which would help the company in understanding users’ intent, by profoundly processing the content on various Web pages, and thereby reckoning the relevance of the website to a specific user.