Microsoft Woos Photo Enthusiasts With Photosynth

Few days after showing the glimpse of 3D computing in the guise of spherical computers, Microsoft unveils its 3D photo integrating service, Photosynth, which seems offer an unmatched photo viewing experience to its users.

The application lets the users stitch a number of photographs together and re-create these in a three-dimensional format.

Previously, the stitching process took considerable amount of time, and was restricted to some specifically designed server-arrays, but Photosynth allows you to stitch snaps taken from different devices, like mobile phone or digital camera, with a significant reduction in time consumed for processing the images.

The users will get 20GB of online storage with the website, which is sufficient to store 60 or more ‘synths’ into it, with each synth containing 150 to 200 photographs in it; further, the users with fairly neat collections will be able to get additional storage space.

The application shows a tremendous potential for both personal and professional usage.